Indonesian community manager & engagement

Problems that are often found

  • Opening a costly branch company
  • Do not have the native skills to communicate in the branch country with non-native people
  • Sub-optimal performance of branch company emloyees
  • Falsification of budgeting data that harms the company
  • Uncontrolled budget in branch company

The solution is to find the right people!

  • Indonesian Social Media Management
    Handling social media with maximizing trends, culture, languange for Indonesian market
  • Indonesian Community Management
    Maximizing the development of the corporate community in Indonesia
  • Indonesian Community Army
    "SPECIAL ARMY" to keep and manage the group to be more active and organic
  • Representative in Indonesia
    Developing, organizing, and handling all of the legal requirements for your company to have a branch company in Indonesia
  • Indonesian Community Gathering
    Organizing the event to gather all of your Indonesian Community to build engagement with your community
  • Indonesia Event Production Services
    Manage all production needs in events that will take place in Indonesia
  • Indonesia Event Handling and Organizer
    Build a team experts in their fields to organize and run corporate events in Indonesia
  • Indonesia's Government Connection
    Maintaining communication and relation with the government of your branch company in Indonesia
  • Indonesian Business Developer
    Helping companies to reach the market in Indonesia with the company's the product/project knowledge a.k.a "Your Brand Ambassador"

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